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Landry was photographed by Samantha Annis for the July of the Prune Magazine. I added the shoot and the magazine scan to our gallery, plus you can read Landry’s interview for the magazine below! Check out this wonderful photoshoot

Prune: You’ve been in the spotlight since ten years old. What is it like growing up in Hollywood?

Landry: It’s obviously very different than the normal average ten to sixteen-year-old girl. I’ve never seen it as anything weird just because it’s always been something that I’ve wanted to do. It’s always been a goal of mine to be in this industry. It’s very different and it’s very odd to most people, but to me it’s very normal. It’s fun, I’ve always loved it.

Prune: Starring in a Disney Channel show is every young actor’s dream. You’ve starred in two. What was it like working on both of these productions?

Landry: It really is very much a family environment. I love the fact that the crews on both shows that I worked on really understood that yes, we are kids and yes, we are young, and they accepted that and wanted to make sure we grew up in a safe and fun environment, but at the same time they saw that we wanted to learn from different parts of the industry. Whether it be the writers or the wardrobe, any aspect that we were curious about in the business, they were really good at nurturing that and understanding that we were young and still learning.

Prune: You most recently starred in Disney’s “Best Friends Whenever.” This show focuses on friendship. Why is that important for young female viewers?

Landry: Female empowerment is really important, and something that I always look for in my life. Our show did an amazing job representing that. It was about two best friends that go through adventures together and have known each other since kindergarten, and are literally like sisters. The fact that there was that representation for younger girls and boys is very important and I was grateful to be a part of that storytelling.


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So i finally upload all events of Landry in 2017. Feel free to check them out!

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Yesterday Landry attended at Coveteur x Bumble and Bumble: Summer’s in the (H)air in New York.

Check out the event pics on our gallery!

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When the girls discover their future-selves have asked to lose their time travel abilities, they leap to the future and see that evil Janet Smythe is somehow involved. Meanwhile, Barry learns Marci is planning to break up with him. Guest starring Nora Dunn (“Saturday Night Live”) as Janet Smythe and Madison Hu (“Bizaardvark”) as Marci.

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Hi Guys so i am back after a short hiatus from the Holiday Season! Welcome to 2016! I have updated the gallery with all of Crash & Bernstein Captures, The Girls Of Christmas Past Episode Captures, 2015, and 2016 Public Events, and New Episode Stills of Best Friends Whenever which returns to Disney Channel with all new episodes February 21st!

Make sure to check out all the latest additions over in the gallery, and check back soon for clips on the new Best Friends Whenever episode “A Time To Double Date”.

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